Stills from The Flying Lizard’s music video ‘Money’

Scene: You’ve been diagnosed with cancer and have kept some form of visibility with your doctor, healthcare organization or on social media. You receive a request for your story. You receive a request to participate in a non-medical survey. You’re asked for your opinion on a topic. You’re asked to…

HAIR was originally written in 2016

It started as early as my first surgery, which was three days after my surprise diagnosis. They shaved a small section of my head and when I woke up and was conscious, my sister told me the doctors had said “She’s lucky she was…

CW/TW: death, motorcycle crash/car accidents, BLM, witnesses

For those in the know, I witnessed a bad motorcycle crash last Thursday. Monday of this week I found out that the person did in fact die. I drive past the location as I do everyday on my commute, and the closest column…

CW- lots of vomit talk, a few swears

Barf, emesis, heave, hork, hurl, puke, purge, ralph, regurgitate, spew, upchuck, vomit, vom, yartz, blow chunks, lose your lunch, pray to the porcelain god, throw up, toss your cookies. The list goes on.

Micol Hebron, screenshots from ‘Fountains,’ 1999

I’ve become well acquainted with the feeling of nausea, defined as “an uneasiness of the stomach that…

A Call to Action for Patient Allies

Screenshot of the LA Times, next to a screenshot of the NYT, next to a screenshot of KTLA 5, detailing headlines of abuse.

I think I first saw the headlines about Dr. Tyndall in 2018. This is a recent one: Former USC gynecologist George Tyndall charged with 29 felonies in sex abuse case

UCLA came later, probably even this year. A recent headline reads: 9 more…

Siobhan Hebron

Siobhan Hebron is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in Los Angeles. She graduated from UCLA in 2012 with a B.A. in both Art and Art History.

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